Energies within Oaks 4, 2020  
37x37cm  |  L1000190  |   F

Energies within Oaks 5, 2020  
37x37cm  |  L1000184  |   F

Energies within Oaks 7, 2020  
37x37cm  |  L1000188  |   F

Energies within Oaks 7, 2020  
17x41cm  |  L1000198  |   G

Energies within Oaks 14, 2020  
35x35cm  |  L1000181  |   F

Energies within Oaks, 2020  
84x84cm  |  L1000177  |   F

Energies within Oaks, 2019  
42x42cm  |  306  |   E


Energies within Oaks 2, 2021  
27x27cm  |  L1000196  |   H

Energies within Oaks 7, 2021  
35x35cm  |  L1000186  |   F

Oaks on Site 2, 2020  
8x8cm  |  L1014437  |   J

Oaks on Site 3, 2020  
15x8cm  |  L1014436  |   J

Oaks on Site 3, 2020  
16x8cm  |  L1014435  |   J

Energies within Oaks 

Richmond Park, in south west London, has over 320 ancient veteran oak trees. Some are over 750 years old but all are of international significance. The strange shape of each tree is unique due to early years of pollarding. This practice ceased in the middle of the 18th Century when coal became the predominent source of fuel.

The trees have a powerful presence. During their very long lifetime they have contributed much to the well-being of others - plants, birds, insects, fungi, air and people. The movement of fluids and energies represented in the swirls of the bark and heartwood is similar to the interesting skin, face and body of a very old person. The life story of these wonderful trees may have been better understood by ancient man or indigenous people whose bond to these trees would have been strong.